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At The Robert Charles Studio we believe in finding beauty in simplicity.

I bet that floating in your top drawer somewhere there's an old picture, corners bent and colors slightly faded. This one never made it to a picture frame, this one holds a piece of your heart too big for words.

It may be the one of you and your high school friends, huddled together, arms tight around each other, smiles so big and alive a million hopes and dreams glowing off your acned skin.

Perhaps it’s the one your father at his thirty fifth birthday so young and vibrant with all you kids jumping on his lap and that lopsided chocolate cake mom spent all day decorating topped with that tiny little yellow candle you all helped blow out.

It might be of your first love, your last love or the one you’re still hoping to love forever.

A good photograph is a visual song, muting the din of everyday life, allowing us to focus our mind, heart and soul to something we may have thought we lost along the way . Something pure, powerful, timeless - the beautiful truth within us.

At Robert Charles Studios it’s our joyous duty to try and capture that beautiful truth for you..

Using natural light, and no distracting props we try to find and capture the heart of the moment so years from now you can pull it out of your draw and relive it again and again.